Emotional Eating is nothing more than your bodies way of asking you to pay attention. It is information. It is a learning device and an opportunity to discover who you are and heal the things that keep you from being your most vibrant, alive, and expressed self.

Emotional eating is something I have struggled with on and off my entire life. Eating to numb discomfort. Eating to distract myself from pain. Eating to avoid looking deeper at the things in my life that I want to change, shift, or evolve.

I have for the last 3 months been really altering my diet and lifestyle. I am not drinking. I cut out sugar. I have made my diet mostly healthy meats and veggies and I FEEL AMAZING except one thing…

I have been still emotionally eating. You don’t have to be eating cookie dough, chips, or cake to be emotionally eating…

I have been emotionally eating nuts… cashews to be exact.

I will buy 16oz of raw cashews and eat the entire thing…

I have been sitting with and watching my patterns and some interesting stuff has been coming up… So I made a video about it.

I hope it offers you something. I hope it opens up new information for you or at least a new way of looking at and experiencing your pattern.


Now it is your turn to share! I would love to hear what this video brought up in you? Did you have any aha moments about your own emotional eating patterns or patterns around food? If so please share I would love to hear your voice.

Also please share your answers to the questions in the video below.

Lastly if you think someone could benefit from this video please feel free to share it.

My prayer for you is that you see how fucking amazing you are. My prayer for you is that you have the courage to pause and look. My prayer for you is that truth and compassion overpower your desire to numb, distract, or avoid. My prayer is that love take you over: love for yourself, your body, all others, and God. This is my prayer for you because it is the prayer for myself.

Here is to being uncomfortable,