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Your job is not to blend in… but to be fully expressed.

To express yourself is enlivening. It is ultimate peace. It is ultimate freedom.

When one is fully expressed there are no thoughts of will people accept me or what will people think of me…

If you are trying to express yourself and those thoughts arise they are nothing more than information for your growth. If you are concerned about what others will think or how you being yourself will effect others maybe ask yourself these questions:

Do I think who I am is better than who others are?

Is my desire to be expressed coming from a place of lack or not being good enough?

Am I trying to prove something to someone else?

Am I trying to be right?

If this is where your ‘full expression’ is coming from. It is not full expression. It is fear. It is the body and spirit saying to you LOVE YOURSELF, GO DEEPER…

What if everything was either love or fear?

What if in each moment that you aren’t being love you simply pleading for love to replace your fear?

What if in each moment when you aren’t fully expressed you didn’t have to blame the other people or the outer circumstance of the moment?

You instead took responsibility and advantage of the opportunity in front of you to grow and learn.

What if when you realized you weren’t being fully expressed you extended love and compassion to yourself AND the other people involved?

What if you were gentle instead of defensive?

What if that is what full expression is? To simply express love instead. To be gentle instead. 

What if the switch from fear to love was fully expression?

What if it were that simple? 

To do things in love is pure presence. To do things in fear is of the past or future. Fear something will be recreated from your past in this moment or fear that something will happen in the future that you do not want?

What if Fully expression was simply being present and loving in each moment? With yourself and others?

This to me is fully expression. This to me is the sexiest thing I can ever do. It isn’t about me making a scene and trying to prove to someone the value of who I am … this is fear. Who I am is love. It is simply softening and loving whatever is in each moment.

Today I choose love. Today I choose to soften. Today I choose that self expression is that simple and that easy.

In deep love and expression,


How to connect with yourself…

First take a moment to take a deep breath.

Not just a normal deep breath. But a breath that you can feel in the tips of your toes.

Now all I want you to do is push play the music video below. If you are in public place you might want to have ear phones and to close your eyes.

My only advice to you is to listen to this song with an open mind. Listen to it as if you this song was written for you and to you. So many times we hear ‘love’ songs and our mind goes to someone we once loved or someone we love. Today I want you to listen to this love song as if you wrote it for yourself.

Now close your eyes and listen to each word. Allow the words to penetrate you. To change you. To alter you in this moment.


Please share below what came up for you. And if you feel anyone else could use these words please share them!!

You are so loved,



I commit…

I was meditating the other day after a blissful yoga class… For those of you who don’t know I am currently embarking upon a 40 day yoga challenge. It is not all about yoga it is also about mind and healing. The challenge is to do deep soul work, yoga, and meditation every single day for 40 days. It is day 5 and things are going.

At times I see my resistance to take a look or get up at 5 to do yoga or sit in silence while my mind races… AND the opportunity to go on this journey and with 24 other amazing women and men is sooo exhilarating to me.

Anyways back to my meditation experience. After doing a simple meditation that has become my go to meditation, check out meditation here, I heard a voice say “your hands on your heart”. I did as it said, I grasped my heart with both of my hands and the next words I heard were…

Kimberly commit to yourself, love yourself, honor yourself, follow your heart driven path… this is your only job here. 

As I heard the words I knew in my soul that this was my truth.

I am here to walk my path. Trust. Love myself. Trust. Honor myself. Trust. AND commit to myself. Trust. Period.

When I do these things life feels in flow. Life feels enlivened. Life feels at peace and content. Everything else unfolds.

When I stray. When I start putting others needs before my own. Or avoid the challenges in my business and fill my time with pointless activities. When I distract myself in every single way possible… I know because my life begins to feel hard. Like a struggle. I begin to live in my head. I begin to suffer.

When I am living on my path I am present. I am open.

When I am not I am dreaming of all the things I want that I don’t have. When I am not I am rehashing my past and fearing all of the things that ‘could’ happen.

That night after my beautiful meditation experience I fell into a deep sleep. During that deep sleep I dreamt. I was walking down a road in an unfamiliar place. The city was empty and all that was in front of me was a stop light. I stood at the stop light and a man appeared across the street. As I looked at him he said these words to me over and over and over again…

Trust God. Trust God. Trust God. 

I woke up from my sleep and literally didn’t remember where I was. I had to look around. The dream was so real. When I realized I was in my bed I began to  smile because that is it… I just have to trust. Follow my path and trust. What a beautiful reminder. Similar to the reminder I got last week from the amazing response of my last blog post. Thank you, seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart. You can read that blog here.

What if everything you wanted were to come to you if you simply let go, trusted, and daily walked your path?

What if?

My path, I know, is not your path. We all are called here to do different things and that is what makes life and living so beautiful.

Close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. If you don’t have any idea how to begin a process of following your path simple in this moment with your hands on your heart, your eyes closed, commit to yourself. Commit to falling fiercely in love with yourself. Commit to honoring and taking care of yourself. Commit to making yourself a priority. Commit to listening to your hearts calling. Commit to fully and boldly to you.

Your relationship with yourself is the longest, most consistent one you will ever have. It is the one no one can take from you. It is the one that you will stand with til you take your last breath.

If you are ready to commit to yourself please post below. Let us together hold each other in this place of sacred commitment. Let us be a tribe that supports and loves each other as we all walk this wild path called life. Also if these words resonated or you feel called to share them please do. Thank you!

In deep commitment and love,




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