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Your job is not to blend in… but to be fully expressed.

To express yourself is enlivening. It is ultimate peace. It is ultimate freedom.

When one is fully expressed there are no thoughts of will people accept me or what will people think of me…

If you are trying to express yourself and those thoughts arise they are nothing more than information for your growth. If you are concerned about what others will think or how you being yourself will effect others maybe ask yourself these questions:

Do I think who I am is better than who others are?

Is my desire to be expressed coming from a place of lack or not being good enough?

Am I trying to prove something to someone else?

Am I trying to be right?

If this is where your ‘full expression’ is coming from. It is not full expression. It is fear. It is the body and spirit saying to you LOVE YOURSELF, GO DEEPER…

What if everything was either love or fear?

What if in each moment that you aren’t being love you simply pleading for love to replace your fear?

What if in each moment when you aren’t fully expressed you didn’t have to blame the other people or the outer circumstance of the moment?

You instead took responsibility and advantage of the opportunity in front of you to grow and learn.

What if when you realized you weren’t being fully expressed you extended love and compassion to yourself AND the other people involved?

What if you were gentle instead of defensive?

What if that is what full expression is? To simply express love instead. To be gentle instead. 

What if the switch from fear to love was fully expression?

What if it were that simple? 

To do things in love is pure presence. To do things in fear is of the past or future. Fear something will be recreated from your past in this moment or fear that something will happen in the future that you do not want?

What if Fully expression was simply being present and loving in each moment? With yourself and others?

This to me is fully expression. This to me is the sexiest thing I can ever do. It isn’t about me making a scene and trying to prove to someone the value of who I am … this is fear. Who I am is love. It is simply softening and loving whatever is in each moment.

Today I choose love. Today I choose to soften. Today I choose that self expression is that simple and that easy.

In deep love and expression,


To those I have harmed…

Today I wrote out 3 pages worth of lists of all the ways I have ever harmed another and how others have harmed me.


The state of the world is tricky. In my opinion it always has been and always will be. Yet our exposure to it is real and intense and quite honestly more than any one human can handle.

I constantly am asking myself how can I make a difference? How can I bring more light, connection, and positivity into the world when it seems like most of what media covers is hate, separation, and darkness.

So today as I was reading the book Boundaries I began noticing how many times I had totally not honored another persons boundaries and how I have allowed other people to totally not honor mine. This sent me down the rabbit hole. I began thinking what me not honoring boundaries had created for the other person and most of the time all I could think of was pain or suffering or confusion of some sort. Then my heart started aching. How many people had I harmed by not doing this one simple thing? How many people had caused me pain and suffering from the same exact thing?

As my chest ached I pulled out paper and wrote…

What followed was:

Names. Situations. Incidents. The times I lied. The times I manipulated. All the times I have harmed. All the times I have been  harmed.

Tears streamed as I wrote. I harm humans because I am human. I harm because I lack awareness and consciousness in certain areas of my life. As I wrote I began seeing the affects of my actions. I began seeing and feeling the other people and their pain in my ignorance, unawareness, and unconsciousness. I wrote until it all was out. 29 years worth.

When the names and faces and situations stopped surfacing I stopped. I stared at the pages of words as they blurred together. For a moment I couldn’t even make out what the words were or what each line said. I just stared.

I then closed my eyes and went straight into prayer. I laid my hands upon the papers I had just poured my heart and soul into. I prayed for forgiveness. I prayed for a release, a letting go, a healing to begin happening in each of these people and situations. I prayed for a cutting of ties and chords. That each person could leave free from harm and free from anything that does not serve their highest good or being. I prayed for each person individually, holding space for them, seeing them, feeling their pain and acknowledging the pain I had caused or that they had caused.

I prayed until there wasn’t a prayer left. Then I walked outside and burned the pieces of paper. Watched them change and evolve like everything does. Watched them turn into ash. Each word disappearing. Each name disappearing as the flames transformed the pain of my heart into compassion, forgiveness, and hope for the future.

I did this for me but I also did this  for the other people involved and also for the world.

I don’t know how to solve world hunger or make politics more about truth and helping the world and the people in it. I don’t know how to stop killings or racism. I don’t know how to do anything except let my life be an example. Let my actions speak. Take full ownership for how I have been and what I have done. Take full responsibility for the harm I have caused.

In doing so I hope others will do the same. Stand up. Wake up. And take responsibility for their lives and their actions here. We each are playing a part. Each part matters. No part is left out from the whole.

I can’t promise I won’t ever harm another again but I can promise that if I do it I will take responsibility and I will clean up the mess I’ve made. My prayer is to be more light than dark. To be more humbled than right. To be more help than harm. To be more awake than asleep.

As I write this I am bowing to all of those that have ever been in the path of my harm. I am sorry.




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