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Your job is not to blend in… but to be fully expressed.

To express yourself is enlivening. It is ultimate peace. It is ultimate freedom.

When one is fully expressed there are no thoughts of will people accept me or what will people think of me…

If you are trying to express yourself and those thoughts arise they are nothing more than information for your growth. If you are concerned about what others will think or how you being yourself will effect others maybe ask yourself these questions:

Do I think who I am is better than who others are?

Is my desire to be expressed coming from a place of lack or not being good enough?

Am I trying to prove something to someone else?

Am I trying to be right?

If this is where your ‘full expression’ is coming from. It is not full expression. It is fear. It is the body and spirit saying to you LOVE YOURSELF, GO DEEPER…

What if everything was either love or fear?

What if in each moment that you aren’t being love you simply pleading for love to replace your fear?

What if in each moment when you aren’t fully expressed you didn’t have to blame the other people or the outer circumstance of the moment?

You instead took responsibility and advantage of the opportunity in front of you to grow and learn.

What if when you realized you weren’t being fully expressed you extended love and compassion to yourself AND the other people involved?

What if you were gentle instead of defensive?

What if that is what full expression is? To simply express love instead. To be gentle instead. 

What if the switch from fear to love was fully expression?

What if it were that simple? 

To do things in love is pure presence. To do things in fear is of the past or future. Fear something will be recreated from your past in this moment or fear that something will happen in the future that you do not want?

What if Fully expression was simply being present and loving in each moment? With yourself and others?

This to me is fully expression. This to me is the sexiest thing I can ever do. It isn’t about me making a scene and trying to prove to someone the value of who I am … this is fear. Who I am is love. It is simply softening and loving whatever is in each moment.

Today I choose love. Today I choose to soften. Today I choose that self expression is that simple and that easy.

In deep love and expression,


To those I have harmed…

Today I wrote out 3 pages worth of lists of all the ways I have ever harmed another and how others have harmed me.


The state of the world is tricky. In my opinion it always has been and always will be. Yet our exposure to it is real and intense and quite honestly more than any one human can handle.

I constantly am asking myself how can I make a difference? How can I bring more light, connection, and positivity into the world when it seems like most of what media covers is hate, separation, and darkness.

So today as I was reading the book Boundaries I began noticing how many times I had totally not honored another persons boundaries and how I have allowed other people to totally not honor mine. This sent me down the rabbit hole. I began thinking what me not honoring boundaries had created for the other person and most of the time all I could think of was pain or suffering or confusion of some sort. Then my heart started aching. How many people had I harmed by not doing this one simple thing? How many people had caused me pain and suffering from the same exact thing?

As my chest ached I pulled out paper and wrote…

What followed was:

Names. Situations. Incidents. The times I lied. The times I manipulated. All the times I have harmed. All the times I have been  harmed.

Tears streamed as I wrote. I harm humans because I am human. I harm because I lack awareness and consciousness in certain areas of my life. As I wrote I began seeing the affects of my actions. I began seeing and feeling the other people and their pain in my ignorance, unawareness, and unconsciousness. I wrote until it all was out. 29 years worth.

When the names and faces and situations stopped surfacing I stopped. I stared at the pages of words as they blurred together. For a moment I couldn’t even make out what the words were or what each line said. I just stared.

I then closed my eyes and went straight into prayer. I laid my hands upon the papers I had just poured my heart and soul into. I prayed for forgiveness. I prayed for a release, a letting go, a healing to begin happening in each of these people and situations. I prayed for a cutting of ties and chords. That each person could leave free from harm and free from anything that does not serve their highest good or being. I prayed for each person individually, holding space for them, seeing them, feeling their pain and acknowledging the pain I had caused or that they had caused.

I prayed until there wasn’t a prayer left. Then I walked outside and burned the pieces of paper. Watched them change and evolve like everything does. Watched them turn into ash. Each word disappearing. Each name disappearing as the flames transformed the pain of my heart into compassion, forgiveness, and hope for the future.

I did this for me but I also did this  for the other people involved and also for the world.

I don’t know how to solve world hunger or make politics more about truth and helping the world and the people in it. I don’t know how to stop killings or racism. I don’t know how to do anything except let my life be an example. Let my actions speak. Take full ownership for how I have been and what I have done. Take full responsibility for the harm I have caused.

In doing so I hope others will do the same. Stand up. Wake up. And take responsibility for their lives and their actions here. We each are playing a part. Each part matters. No part is left out from the whole.

I can’t promise I won’t ever harm another again but I can promise that if I do it I will take responsibility and I will clean up the mess I’ve made. My prayer is to be more light than dark. To be more humbled than right. To be more help than harm. To be more awake than asleep.

As I write this I am bowing to all of those that have ever been in the path of my harm. I am sorry.




Men and drinking…

I have a belief about relationships I have been trying to examine. The belief is:

Expressing myself and being honest is not safe because it:

creates conflict

turns the other person off

makes the other person think I am crazy or too much or too intense

Beliefs create our actions in life…

Because of this belief when I am dating or getting to know someone I stifle my communication. I don’t say what I want to say. I hold back. I don’t speak my truth. I don’t show up fully. I stop expressing myself.

And then this happens…

I drink some wine with friends and then go on a texting spree finally feeling brave enough to express myself, speak my truth, and say all the things I have been holding back…

This is exactly what happened last night

and then this is what happened this morning…

I feel shameful. I feel regret. I question who I am and what I am doing.

I spent a few minutes going back through all the things I said and feel like shit Kimberly…

“you are such a mess”

“why can’t you just not say anything”

“you are going to push him away”

“you need to get your shit together”

“when you drink you always do things that you regret”

Blah blah blah… on repeat.





When I realized I had spun into a shame pattern I paused and took some breaths.

I asked myself…

What is rehashing and bashing myself doing for me or anyone?


So if this is doing NOTHING what is going on here… What is the point??

I sat.

I sat more…


Your behavior, aka, wino texting explosions is just like a smoke signal.

Our behavior signals for us to pay attention because there is something to learn. Something to notice. Something to become aware of.



(symptoms could also be behaviors)

Holy crap… I just want to keep saying it. Our behavior is information to know ourselves better, to grow, to evolve. That is it.

Yet so many times in life our behavior becomes weaponry. It becomes things that we use against ourselves to make ourselves feel like shit or to hold over ourselves.

My behavior does not define me as a good or bad person. (This is something I talk all the time about with my clients.) If my friend told me she had wine and went on a texting spree to a man she was into I would not shame her. I would not think she was a bad person. So why do I do this to myself??

I think our behavior becomes weaponry because we have some idea that if we make ourselves feel bad enough then we will change. Same thing with other people if we make people feel bad enough for what they have done then we believe they will change. I think parents also do this with their children.


I think all this does is send us or others into a shame spiral and the shame spiral sends us right back into the same behavior that we want to change. It is a cycle… We do something, then we shame ourselves and then because we feel awful about ourselves and are beaten down then we just repeat and do it all over again.

For me my cycle is this:

I don’t express myself because I fear my intensity will turn people off.

I explode in expression when I am feeling brave.

I shame myself because of fear of rejection.

Then I don’t express myself anymore.

It is a cycle.

Now knowing I am fully aware that my behavior and shame cycle are doing nothing but screaming at me to notice and learn and grow I gently asked myself…

Kimberly, what information is your behavior trying to gift you?

When I asked myself this question what I heard is this…

You stop expressing yourself when you are spending more time living in your head than in your life.

Woahh… I am going to say that again.

You stop expressing yourself when you are spending more time living in your head than in your life. 

My life is my expression.

Then I asked myself…

How can I start living my life, right now…

I compiled of list of things I love to do that make me feel alive…




Being around people I love.


Being in nature.

Loving people.

These are just a few… so you know what I did I wrote this blog!

Do you spend a lot of your time shaming yourself about your behavior?? Whatever it is:

Eating junk food.

Drinking too much.

Watching too much t.v. instead of exercising.

Having one night stands.

Distracting yourself with Facebook.

Whatever your behaviors are… how instead of shaming yourself can you ask yourself what is this behavior trying to signal and teach me? Is it signaling to you, like it was me, to start living  more? To get out of your head and live your life?

How can we live more in our lives and less in our heads?

I freaking love that question…

Now I want to hear from you! Please share your heart below. Your comments are what make this blog juicy.

Here is to living,




You attract into your life who you are…

Let me just start by saying being single this day and age is well… hilarious.Mostly because I feel like a newborn. I genuinely feel most of the time that I have no idea what I am doing. It is also challenging and well TONS OF FUN. Dating for me is an opportunity to get to know and explore people. Get to know what makes them tick. Get to know what makes them excited. Get to know what they struggle with. We date to experience another and in some cases we find compatibility and in other cases we find friendship and in others we find life lessons and growth.

Sometimes I feel excited about dating and other times I feel frustrated and hopeless about it. Yet when I get really quiet and honest the truth is that one day I would love to walk this life beside another badass human.  Working together to be an offering to the world. Allowing our relationship to grow and evolve us into more conscious beings. So if this is my deepest truth then the questions I have been explore (and noticing others exploring) are:

How does you find authentic partnership? 

How do you meet people who align with your life and truest values? 

 How do I fully enjoy being single AND at the same time attract amazing, compatible people into my life? 

I was on the phone with a client the other day and we started exploring all things relationship. Here is what we did. I want to offer that if this conversation is sparking an interest in you this would be a great opportunity to pull out some paper and play and explore with us:

1. Make a list of all of the things in your past relationships that you love and would like to have continue in your next partnership. (Things to note in people you meet.)

2. Make a list of all of the things in your past relationships that did not serve you or that you hope to never repeat. (We learn through contrast.)  Now notice what you desire instead. What are the opposites of what you don’t want. This will give you insight into inquiry #3.

3. Now make a list of your deepest desires for partnership. (This does not just have to be intimate partnership. It could also include friendship, business partnership, family relationships… etc.) And write it out like this:

  • To be respected.
  • To be valued.
  • To share similar values.
  • To be listened to or heard.
  • To be lifted up.
  • To be emotionally understood.
  • To be communicated with effectively.
  • To be accepted fully for who I am.
  • To work through issues.
  • To have honesty and trust.

If you have no idea where to start maybe think about how you want to feel in relationship with another. What actions or ways of being would give you that feeling.

4. Go through your deepest desires and do a ‘swivel’. I call this the Spotlight Effect. It is when we take the focus or spotlight off of others and we put it on ourselves. Shinning the light on you instead of on the other person, allows you to stand in your power. When we have the spotlight on the other person it puts the energy and attention where we have no control. We cannot make someone act a certain way or have certain attributes, even if we try really hard, we can have hope, but ultimately we can’t change people or mold people into who we want them to be.  People are who they are. What we can control is how we show up in our lives, in our relationships, and how we treat ourselves and others. Now that the spotlight is on us let’s look at our deepest desires above and let’s get curious and play. Let me show you.

If your deepest desire is To Be Respected: Then the new inquiries could be:

  • How and where in my life am I not respecting myself? Where in my life do I show lots of respect for myself?

If your deepest desire is To Be Valued: Then the new inquiries could be:

  • How and where am I not valuing myself? Where and how do I value myself?

If your deepest desire is To Be Listened To or Heard: Then the new inquiries could be:

  • When do I not listen to myself, my needs, my intuition, my gut? Where do I listen to and trust myself?

If your deepest desire is To Be Accepted: Then the new inquiries could be:

  • How do I not accept myself fully? What parts of myself do I fully accept and love?

If your deepest desire is To Have Honesty and Trust: Then the new inquiries could be:

  • When and where in my life am I not being 100% honest? Where in life am I courageously honest to myself and others? Where in my life do I not trust myself? Where in my life do I trust myself?

You get the point…

5. Answer the above questions or your version as honest as possible. This is not an excuse to beat yourself up or judge yourself. This is a moment to have complete honesty about how you are showing up for yourself and where you are not fully showing up for yourself. Let’s pretend for just a second that we attract what we are. If this is true and spend a lot of our time speaking negatively to ourselves or being hard on ourselves then it makes sense that we would attract someone who does the same to us. Or if we do not fully value who we are in the world then we might be attracting people that don’t see our value.

This exercise is applicable to any area of your life. I am specifically using it in the realm of relationships because that is where I am and and where so many people in my life are but play with it wherever you are. Asking yourself high level questions and being honest about the answers is one of the most powerful tools that you can ever practice in your lifetime. You have the answers inside of you. Only you know what you need, want, and truly desire.

Partnership is not to complete us. Partnership is to enhance our journey here. Answering the questions above is to give you information so that you can show up fully for yourself and your life. Not needing another to save you or make your life better, but giving you the information and tools to do those things for yourself. This takes the pressure off partnership. Makes it more playful and enjoyable. Makes it more genuine and possible to thrive. When you are thriving your partnerships can thrive. When you love yourself and your life I believe then you can truly love another. It starts with you. Always!

Ok it is your turn!! I want to hear from you! What came up for you? Share below in the comments below the blog. Also if you feel called to share these words please do!

Here is self inquiry and trusting the journey and attracting beautiful humans into our lives!





Get yo’ sexy back…

“I love that you live on a farm.” – Friend

“Really, why?” – Me

“You bring style to the farm”. – Friend

This conversation and comment struck a huge desire in me. I love fashion. I love style. I love my style. I love wearing clothes that make me feel amazing. In fact I love feeling amazing.

With this same friend I sparked in him the ability to wear clothes that he had always dreamed of wearing but never quite knew how to start doing it.

Something I want to spark in people is how to be more themselves. Whatever that looks like. Maybe that means literally fashion. Maybe it means exposing their more silly side. Maybe it means being able to express themselves more truly and openly to those they love or strangers. Whatever.

I realize that it takes me a long time to open up. To be vulnerable. To share.

Brene Brown shares about the importance of vulnerability here…

I am currently on a mission to always be my most true/whole self.

“How can I be more myself?” “How can I be more myself?”

This means in how I dress.

In how I speak.

In how I love.

In how I share myself.

In how I treat others.


This is what I notice when I most myself:

Everything shifts…

I feel more at peace.

I experience more connection.

There are more good days than bad.

I feel sexy as hell.

I more easily love others because I am so brilliantly loving myself.

I walk with my shoulders up right and head held high.

People share themselves with me more.

I get more compliments.

I feel all around amazing!!

Signs I am not being fully myself:

Feeling exhausted or anxious.

Throat or neck pain. (Signs you are stifling your voice)

Starting to not ‘care’ about what I look like (I don’t mean this superficially I mean this in a way where you literally do not care how you are representing yourself when you leave your home)

Feeling dread about getting up and starting my day

Not taking care of myself… feeling numb or lackluster about life

Angered or agitated easily

Feeling extremely lonely

Ways to get back to being yourself or get yo’ sexy back!

First step is to notice when you don’t feel like yourself… then take action and try these things:

Put on your favorite outfit.

Take time to get ready. Leave the house feeling amazing about yourself.

Sitting alone with myself. Quiet.

Exercising. But doing it in a way that feels amazing!!!

Ask yourself this question: if I truly were taking care of myself and loved myself what would I do today to prove that to myself and the world?

Do something different. Drive a different way to work. Say hello the cute barista and smile.

Call someone you love and miss and tell them about yourself and your life.

Ask out the man/woman you have been dying to ask out.

Ask for help and let someone give it to you.

Sing a little too loud.

Dance like no one is watching.

Notice people. Make eye contact. Share with them something you love about them. Their shirt, eyes, smile.

Do something that you know makes you feel amazing.

Take 10 deep breaths.

Share something about your life with someone you don’t know. Create connection.


Life is what we make it. Honor where you are and know that you have the power to change your circumstances.

You are the change you want to be in the world. So what are you representing as you walk through life. Are you representing love for life or a feeling of resignation? Are you representing connection or disconnection? Are you representing self-love or self-loathing?

What do you want to be the walking example of on this planet?

Choosing to be yourself, truly is a moment by moment choice. There isn’t a quick fix. It is choosing to do things that make you feel more you and amazing every single day. It is a process of knowing yourself.

I would love to hear your thoughts. I would love to hear the techniques that send you back into being more yourself in the world. I would love to hear how you step back into your light. I would also love to hear your stories of struggle around this subject. Please share whatever your heart is begging of you to share.

Also if this is something you have always struggled with and you want to know yourself more so that you can truly be yourself in your relationships, in your career, and in the world… please reach out to me. I would love to schedule a time to talk. The world NEEDS and WANTS YOU. The real you. Not some fake version of you. Email me @ kimberly@revolutionarylivinginstitute.com

To owning your sexy and your true self,



Friends in low places…

The title for this blog comes from many places and inspirations. It is not just from the famous Garth Brooks song.

Another inspiration is this delicious photo.




This is a few of my dearest girlfriends. We laid under the stars, being kept warm by a fire, and talked life. Like real life.

Not how the weather is but how our hearts are.

Asking questions to dive deep into each others souls. Offering space for each of us to share and open up and heal.

There are seasons in life that are darker than others. Lower than others. I at times forget how crucial and important friends are during these times. I tend to be a person who isolates myself or keeps to myself about the more bumpy moments in my life. Last night I came out of my hole and spent time with a group of people who feed me, who I long to feed, who radiate love. Last night I was gifted with the remembering of how much healing can happen even in just two hours if you open up and let others hold you and you hold others.

Today I am celebrating friendship.

Here is to learning the path to befriend ourselves and the path to nourishing and cultivating true relationship with others.

Feeling so much gratitude today.

Who can you reach out to and let them know how much you love them and care about them? What friendships do you want to celebrate?

In love and light,



Day 3: Welcoming Struggle


Today is day 3 of my #MeditationMovement.

I sat this morning as the sun was rising with one of my favorite people. As we sat together I had many awakenings.

  1. I easily take on other peoples things and leave my own things behind. My mentor calls this sleep walking. When you are more worried about another person and what they think and what they are doing more than being present to ourselves and what we think and what we are doing. She always asks me when you are thinking about them so much who is over here running your life? Or are you sleep walking?
  2. There is so much about life to be grateful for. Why don’t we obsess about those things?
  3. When you take care of yourself you are actually taking care of others.
  4. The answer to everything is LOVE and PRESENCE.

Let me explain this fourth one a little bit more.

The last few times I have meditated I have been doing this specific meditation where I:

Inhale these things:

I welcome struggle.

I welcome challenge.

I welcome judgment.

I welcome hardship.

I welcome failure.

I welcome endings.

I welcome death.

I welcome darkness.

I welcome mistakes.

I welcome ridicule.

Exhale this:


I realize that the answer to everything hard or challenging that life hands you is LOVE AND PRESENCE.

I do not want to attract bad things to me. But the truth is that life hands you intense situations and circumstances. Life also hands you beautiful and vibrant situations and circumstances sometimes and the answer to both are the same. Love and presence.

If I can be open and welcoming to anything life hands me then I am never sideswiped by something awful happening. Nothing is awful it is just being human and life. And when I am grounded in that no matter what I do my answer is love and presence then I always have the action steps and answers to anything that comes in my life.

I don’t want this to sound idealistic. I am clear that I will fail at this but I welcome failure and I know when I fail I get to love myself again and show up present for myself again. Life is about practice. I want to practice ease and flow and welcoming. I want to practice love and presence in the face of anything in life.

I don’t want to practice drama or obsession of negative thoughts or habits or wallowing in my shit. Even though I know there will be times where I do all of these things and still my question always is how can I return to LOVE and how can I return to PRESENCE.

Presence to me is this…



When we misuse time we are living everywhere but the present moment.

When you aren’t doing any of the above and you are just enjoy the moment or completely in the moment you are present.

This is what I want to cultivate by the


I want to be awake for life. I notice time and time again when I talk to people how much they aren’t listening or aren’t present or paying attention. In the moments I notice the sleeping and distraction of most of the planet I ask myself where am I distracted where I am asleep?

The more I wake up the more others will wake up.

Meditation brings presence to areas of my life that need attention. It gives me moments to pause and be. It gives me moments to sit in gratitude. It gives me moments to feel alive without the assumption that to be alive and feel fully alive means that you must be doing something epic. The truth is being alive is available to all of us, each moment, if we just get quiet, listen, and experience LIFE that is happening NOW.

Want to try meditating but don’t know where to begin? Email me let’s chat!!! kimberly@revolutionarylivinginstitute.com

Would love for you to share your heart too, whatever comes up please post in the comments section or if you are so moved share these words!



Today marks the beginning of a journey that I am embarking upon.

It came to me when I was in a creation call with my business partner.

Sometimes things hit you and there is no other option but to listen the call. To answer the call and let the Universe do its magic.

365 Days of Meditation Starts NOW


This is a movement that is bringing meditation to the masses. It does not have any political or religious slant. It is not affiliated with any specific religion or church. It is a movement based completely in peace and love. It is a movement standing for that Meditation is a way to bring people from all walks of life together with the common purpose of awakening. Awakening to consciousness. 

My hopes and desires of this movement is that people will make their own. That people will do their own #MeditationMovement. That they will use this hashtag to share, tell their stories, connect, collaborate, and expand consciousness.

Starting today I am sitting in meditation for 365 days.

Because I own a business and work in the community this does not mean that I will only be sitting in meditation. I will be living my life and every single day for a year will sit in meditation for some amount of time. My goal is that through the year to keep extending my time to long and long sits. Also during the year I will be sitting in public spaces inviting any and all beings who feel called to be a stand for love and peace in the world to join me.

Today is my first day of asking who ever may be called to come and sit with me. You can sit for any amount of time. I will be sitting in front of Dark Star Visuals in Fayetteville, AR from 8:00am til noon. I will have a spokes person there to speak to anyone who has questions, who is interested in hearing more about what I am up to, and who is just there to hold space and capture the experience and guide any beings that want to join in.

I believe in bold action.

I believe in walking my talk.

I believe in modeling what I value and want in the world.

This is my stand. This is my way of showing up. This is my way of BEING THE CHANGE. 

As I sit daily I welcome any and all beings to  join in. Post your pictures and stories on your social media and use the hashtag #MeditationMovement. To be in this movement there are no specifications. You can meditation once and join in. You can choose to join me in 365 days. This is your movement. Make it your own.

I will be posting my experience here and on my instagram.

We together can, will, and are altering the existence of man as we know it. If you know this is your calling JOIN ME.

Also if you feel called and inspired PLEASE reach out to me. I would love to have a conversation with you. I would love to connect with you.

Email me and we will set up a time to chat and connect


Soooo excited!

Here goes nothing.



Pictures on pictures…

When I first was going through my divorce I did a badass photo shoot… (photos below)

So much of the credit must be given to my amazing photographer Jessica Brown you can check out her website here.

I just came across again some of the photos and I was so inspired by my journey. That I wanted to share.

There was a moment when I was sooo broken. I still have moments of feeling broken and wondering the reasons for life’s extreme ups and downs. And then I remember…

Everything is perfect and unfolding exactly as it is supposed to be. If things were meant to be different then they would be. Period.

I have posted this quote before but goodness… its relevance feels more true everyday.


My divorce was the blossoming and the next step to my self-actualization. To me knowing myself. To me falling sooo deeply in love with myself that I could love every human and living being on this planet.

This photo shoot reminds me of where I have come from and where I am going. I am here to love. I am here to be a pillar of peace and love.

There are moments when I lose touch because of the hardships of life. Yet NOTHING will take it away.

20130730-IMG_9951-S 20130730-IMG_9938-S 20130729-IMG_9867-XL 20130729-IMG_9824-S 20130729-IMG_9804-S 20130729-IMG_9768-S-2 20130729-IMG_9752-S 20130729-IMG_9715-S 20130729-IMG_9572-S


Everything in life is working for the good of the Universe and the World. Darkness is the absence of light. Hate is the absence of love.

These pictures are my light in a really dark place. They are my reminder that all is well. They are my remembering of what I am doing here.

I love you. Not necessarily because I know you or see you often or have something invested in you. I love you because you are me. I love you because I see you. I love you because I know you.

You are loved.

Please know that. Not because you act a certain way. Not because you look a certain way. Not because you have certain things…. You are loved because you are LOVE. You are God, Universe, Mother Earth. You are everything. You are as Rumi says:

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.

So grateful,


I commit…

I was meditating the other day after a blissful yoga class… For those of you who don’t know I am currently embarking upon a 40 day yoga challenge. It is not all about yoga it is also about mind and healing. The challenge is to do deep soul work, yoga, and meditation every single day for 40 days. It is day 5 and things are going.

At times I see my resistance to take a look or get up at 5 to do yoga or sit in silence while my mind races… AND the opportunity to go on this journey and with 24 other amazing women and men is sooo exhilarating to me.

Anyways back to my meditation experience. After doing a simple meditation that has become my go to meditation, check out meditation here, I heard a voice say “your hands on your heart”. I did as it said, I grasped my heart with both of my hands and the next words I heard were…

Kimberly commit to yourself, love yourself, honor yourself, follow your heart driven path… this is your only job here. 

As I heard the words I knew in my soul that this was my truth.

I am here to walk my path. Trust. Love myself. Trust. Honor myself. Trust. AND commit to myself. Trust. Period.

When I do these things life feels in flow. Life feels enlivened. Life feels at peace and content. Everything else unfolds.

When I stray. When I start putting others needs before my own. Or avoid the challenges in my business and fill my time with pointless activities. When I distract myself in every single way possible… I know because my life begins to feel hard. Like a struggle. I begin to live in my head. I begin to suffer.

When I am living on my path I am present. I am open.

When I am not I am dreaming of all the things I want that I don’t have. When I am not I am rehashing my past and fearing all of the things that ‘could’ happen.

That night after my beautiful meditation experience I fell into a deep sleep. During that deep sleep I dreamt. I was walking down a road in an unfamiliar place. The city was empty and all that was in front of me was a stop light. I stood at the stop light and a man appeared across the street. As I looked at him he said these words to me over and over and over again…

Trust God. Trust God. Trust God. 

I woke up from my sleep and literally didn’t remember where I was. I had to look around. The dream was so real. When I realized I was in my bed I began to  smile because that is it… I just have to trust. Follow my path and trust. What a beautiful reminder. Similar to the reminder I got last week from the amazing response of my last blog post. Thank you, seriously thank you from the bottom of my heart. You can read that blog here.

What if everything you wanted were to come to you if you simply let go, trusted, and daily walked your path?

What if?

My path, I know, is not your path. We all are called here to do different things and that is what makes life and living so beautiful.

Close your eyes and place your hands on your heart. If you don’t have any idea how to begin a process of following your path simple in this moment with your hands on your heart, your eyes closed, commit to yourself. Commit to falling fiercely in love with yourself. Commit to honoring and taking care of yourself. Commit to making yourself a priority. Commit to listening to your hearts calling. Commit to fully and boldly to you.

Your relationship with yourself is the longest, most consistent one you will ever have. It is the one no one can take from you. It is the one that you will stand with til you take your last breath.

If you are ready to commit to yourself please post below. Let us together hold each other in this place of sacred commitment. Let us be a tribe that supports and loves each other as we all walk this wild path called life. Also if these words resonated or you feel called to share them please do. Thank you!

In deep commitment and love,




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