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Hi, this is me, my name is Kimberly Johnson. Welcome, I am honored you are here.


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I am on a journey. HA, aren’t we all. My journey is discovering who I am, deeply falling in love with myself, and landing in a sense of deep inner peace.

There are many reasons I am embarking upon this adventure. The main reason: so that I can feel okay. After surviving a divorce and the aftermath of a slightly destructive year of numbing and self-discovery, all at the same time, I am ready and devoted to knowing myself. It is time.

I, since I can remember, have felt lonely. I was married and felt lonely. I will be surrounded by people and feel lonely. The feeling is so familiar and so confusing all at the same time. Why am I so lonely? I remember days upon days of being curled in the cotton mounds of my bed crying asking this question over and over to who or whatever would listen. It has always felt so confusing because I have so many amazing people who surround me and fill my life. Yet it doesn’t seem to matter.

In Spring 2012 I was sprung into a divorce I didn’t want, a new relationship my husband was having with someone years younger than us, and still all of the demands of the world: my jobs, health, family, time, friends… everything. Through my divorce I woke up from my dreaming state and realized that I have been living my life for others. This worked for me and my life for years and now it no longer works. There is nothing wrong with living for others AND I have only brief connection to myself. I have spent my life loving on others, helping others reach their goals, guiding others to peace and freedom while I neglected myself.  I dropped out of college so my now ex-husband could go to graduate school. I have spent years saying yes to everyones demands and requests while my health, dreams, and life were put on the back burner. NO LONGER.

I began my re-creation journey about a year ago. I decided this was the perfect opportunity to recreate my life. After my divorce I was no longer tethered to anything. In fact most days I am so grateful my husband left me and gifted me this opportunity. (This took a while to get to…)  Do the things that are calling from the center of my being. Learn to love and trust people again. Learn to love myself with such a fierceness that when people even lay eyes on me they feel loved. To be so aware of my worthiness that it seeps through my pores and into the lives of all I encounter. I have been on this journey while trying to build and grow my love-child in the world, The Revolutionary Living Institute. RLI is my business venture that I took on with a woman in Seattle in 2012. I am a certified Life and Business Coach.  In 2012 my husband left me and she got knocked up completely unexpectedly (shout out to her husband and sweet, sweet baby-kins). We both had life changing situations happen and we heard the calling from the Universe…

“This is your chance. Walk your talk. Be Revolutionaries. Teach others they can do life and business differently. Your challenges are the gateway to your greatness. Your Revolutionary Life is waiting for you.”

It took 18 months for this truth to become so apparent in me that I no longer have any other option. #OneYearAlone is my rebirth. Even though my journey started many months ago it has taken a turn into the realm of bold living and no longer believing all of my excuses for not living the life I dream of living. That (plus these juicy additions) are why I am here:

to know I am ok

to learn what it takes to be a ‘dirtbag’ entrepreneur* 

to have no question of my self love or worth

to get lost and find myself 

to be a student of the world and my experiences

to heal 

to forgive

to adventure

to write a book 

actually books… 

to be bold

to love

to walk my talk

to give others permission to go after the thing that makes them forget to eat, sleep, or see people

to share true wisdom and truth about my journey (the joy and the struggle)

to be honest

to be

to be a light and mirror for others to see themselves 

to be a safe place for people to come, sit, dream, and celebrate living

to be a community for others who live out loud and want to meet other like minded souls

to honor and go after what sets my heart on fire and keep it lit

Many people ask me why I desire to be alone and why I risk everything to follow my bliss. I want to thank you for your voices, warnings, and concern. I want you to know I love you too AND nothing can stop me. I have tasted the bliss of answering my heart. Nothing can take the sweet nectar from my lips. Thank you for coming and joining me. I see you. I hear your heart calling you. As I follow my heart, my hope is that you can begin to hear your own version of your Revolutionary Life* and begin to follow it and never look back. I am here for you. This is your oasis. Here goes nothing… well here goes everything.

Cheers to never looking back,



*dirtbag entrepreneur – a business owner that has made locational freedom a priority

*revolutionary living is a new method of living that is based upon your values and passions (following what sets you on fire) each persons revolutionary life is different and that is the beauty of going on this journey.


  1. Kimberly! I adore this beautiful experience that you are sharing with the world and to watch you be a dirtbag entrepreneur, is incredibly inspiring to me.

    Yes. Yes. Yes. To being revolutionary. To journey + expansion. To choosing ourselves. And to finding our bliss.

    Thank you beautiful sister!

  2. Wow, this is incredible. Just weeks ago I decided that if I really want myself and my biz to thrive then I need to leave my currently living situation. My soul has known this for a while, I just couldn’t see a way to do it (financially) until I stopped thinking “I can’t” and asked myself “how can I?”. I am decluttering my life, taking only what fits in my car, and house/pet sitting for people on hols for the foreseeable future! Not many around me thinks it’s a great idea :o) I shared this story in a group and a woman gave me your URL. I shall be following closely, and I’m off now to catch up on your blog posts. xxx

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