Your job is not to blend in… but to be fully expressed.

To express yourself is enlivening. It is ultimate peace. It is ultimate freedom.

When one is fully expressed there are no thoughts of will people accept me or what will people think of me…

If you are trying to express yourself and those thoughts arise they are nothing more than information for your growth. If you are concerned about what others will think or how you being yourself will effect others maybe ask yourself these questions:

Do I think who I am is better than who others are?

Is my desire to be expressed coming from a place of lack or not being good enough?

Am I trying to prove something to someone else?

Am I trying to be right?

If this is where your ‘full expression’ is coming from. It is not full expression. It is fear. It is the body and spirit saying to you LOVE YOURSELF, GO DEEPER…

What if everything was either love or fear?

What if in each moment that you aren’t being love you simply pleading for love to replace your fear?

What if in each moment when you aren’t fully expressed you didn’t have to blame the other people or the outer circumstance of the moment?

You instead took responsibility and advantage of the opportunity in front of you to grow and learn.

What if when you realized you weren’t being fully expressed you extended love and compassion to yourself AND the other people involved?

What if you were gentle instead of defensive?

What if that is what full expression is? To simply express love instead. To be gentle instead. 

What if the switch from fear to love was fully expression?

What if it were that simple? 

To do things in love is pure presence. To do things in fear is of the past or future. Fear something will be recreated from your past in this moment or fear that something will happen in the future that you do not want?

What if Fully expression was simply being present and loving in each moment? With yourself and others?

This to me is fully expression. This to me is the sexiest thing I can ever do. It isn’t about me making a scene and trying to prove to someone the value of who I am … this is fear. Who I am is love. It is simply softening and loving whatever is in each moment.

Today I choose love. Today I choose to soften. Today I choose that self expression is that simple and that easy.

In deep love and expression,



  1. You hit home again….. this may be a little off kilter, but it rang true to an experience i had day before yesterday. I was talking with an old friend I hadn’t seen for a while. Politics came up in the course of conversation. His views are opposite of mine. I began feeling myself getting tense and uneasy during the conversation because I was trying to defend my beliefs and he was trying to defend his opposite beliefs. Suddenly it dawned on me the “argument” was pointless because each of us was on the defensive. Was I trying to impose my beliefs on him because I thought they were better than his? Because I was better than he? Because I wanted to “win”? I took a deep breath and tried to picture a loving outlook on the subject – from a “humanitarian” point of view – a more “loving” point of view. I said, “I pray for wisdom and love for our leaders as they work to make us a better and healthier citizen of the world.” He stopped for a minute, then looked at me and said, “Me, too.” We both smiled and then started talking about something else. So it wasn’t an “ah ha!” moment in that we weren’t both inspired to get up and go do something earth shatteringly humanitarian – but it diffused some unpleasant feelings and thoughts by displaying Love. Thinking back about it I picture this slow moving cloud settling out on the table top smoothing and calming everything over. I’m not sure where that love came from….. but I know its within me somewhere. I’ll have to study it to perhaps learn more how to “conjure” it up. I liked the way it worked and felt. I know it will be used again and again. I’m reminded of a corny saying, “kill them with kindness”, or another one – “Love conquers all”. Thank you for bringing this to the forefront of my mind. Hope you are well. I miss your posts!

    • Allen!!!! Seeing your name brings me sooo much joy!

      How are you? How have you been?? What have you been up to??

      I know you could ask me all of the same questions!! Sorry I haven’t been writing as much I have been posting videos on my facebook instead… please friend me if you so choose! I am also starting a podcast!!!!! More to come! I am almost all set up!!

      Also I loved your story. Yes yes yes, it soo aligns and it is sooo within you. It is what you are. You are love. You are that kindness. I saw it and felt it the first time we met! <3 Sending you love always!

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