It’s here… not there…

Last night in a meditation a spirit came to me and his message was profound. I have found when powerful things happen to me they are, of course, usually lessons or things I need to hear but they are also for me to share… this is my gift sitting and doing my work so that I can share with the world what I learn.


What are you seeking outside of yourself?

What I know to be true is, is that if I seek happiness, peace, love, comfort, acknowledgement or whatever I am seeking outside of myself then I will get maybe instant gratification but I will never actually get what I am seeking.

What I am seeking is within myself. Everything I need is within myself.

What you are seeking is inside of you… everything you need EVERYTHING YOU NEED is within you.

For this reminder I am grateful!

Would be honored to hear your words and heart here, please share anything that came up for you! <3

In deep gratitude,


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  1. Merry Christmas!

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