How To Get What You Want…

What else do you do when you are inspired and can’t stop thinking about something late at night, you make late at night videos!!

I had this huge aha moment the other day with some friends about why I might not be getting what I want. So I shared all the juiciness here…

Start moving toward what you actually want NOW…

Disclosure: when you have a bigger, over arching goal that then creates your objectives. Listening and focusing on that bigger goal is not about not taking action. It is about claiming your life in each moment and also about exploring the world of being as well as doing. Our society teaches us to do, do, do and this is how you get what you want. I am exploring being, being, being and trusting that in that high level being on the planet that I will know exactly when to take action and what exactly to do.

I also want to say with this distinction of goals and objectives that a certain level of suffering when we reach goals will end. I have known so many people that are chasing an objective, reach it, and then wonder why there is a huge let down. Maybe it is because they believed that to be the thing to fulfill them or give them purpose… when in reality the over arching goal that they can have NOW is what will give them what they want and going after the objectives and accomplishing them will be the icing on the cake!

Now it is your turn. I would love to hear what came up for you? Did this shift anything for you? If so please share below!

Also please share any of your answers from the questions at the end of the video below!!

What are your objectives?

What will those objectives give you? What ultimately is the reason you want to do those objectives? What is the thing you would be willing to work towards your entire life and know your life was not wasted?

LASTLY, QUESTION NOT IN VIDEO: What in your life right now are you already doing that allows you to attain that objective? (Make a list. You area already doing things that connect you and bring into the light of that objective… so write them down, get clear about what is already working.)

Awareness is where all the beauty and sweet gooeyness of life lies! <3

Sending you so much love! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Here is to going after what we truly want,




  1. This was super amazing! Thank you!!

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