This is pretty huge…

So I have been in Denver only 3 weeks and it feels like I have lived here forever, which I am totally taking as a good sign.

Let me recap…

I’ve started a job at an awesome coffee company, Corvus Coffee, check out what they are up to.

An amazing apartment in the South Highlands of Denver found me. Let me just say this again. AN APARTMENT FOUDN ME, and it is the perfect space and price for my budget. It literally has everything. It has internet. It is fully furnished so I don’t have to buy any furniture. It is tiny so I can’t collect a bunch of stuff I don’t need. It has washer/dryer. It has an amazing landlord who is an organic Chef and Caterer in the city! (I start moving tomorrow!) I say the apartment found me because I met this woman at Corvus and she then called the coffee shop after she left and offered me the studio apartment in her home.

I have been exploring. I went hiking with a co-worker. I went to a winery with my best friend and roomie. I’ve been taking long walks. Seeing parts of the city I’ve never seen. Also just been having a really, really good time!!


South Boulder Peak (8500 feet- Pretty Intense Hike) 

LASTLY this is the HUUUUUGE THING. Last night I auditioned to be a singer in a country band. So here is the deal. I have zero… let me say it again ZEEEERROOOO technical singing training. Yet I love singing. Singing for me is my heart. It makes me feel alive. It gives me a fire. So trying out for a band and potentially having them say NOOOOO to me is a hugeeeee deal. Yet I love to sing. So as scared as I was I just showed up. I tried. I gave it my all.

So to make a long story short the audition went well…

Good and DISASTROUS!  

Good because they liked my voice and WELL I DIDN’T DIE.

Disastrous because holy shit I struggle harmonizing. Let me just say in my defense (not that this is needed except for my precious heart) I only had 24 hours to learn 3 songs AND I have never tried out for a band or sang with a band or done anything like this ever before…

Harmonizing with three instruments and another voice is well WICKED HARD FOR ME.

So well I learned that. I also will be promptly learning how to harmonize… (if any of you out there have tips or can help me please post in my comments!!!)

I also learned that I can and will do anything in this lifetime. I am going to so hardcore go after my dreams. I am going to feverishly do the things I am called to do. This to me is life. Being present and answering the damn call every single time you hear it.

Woooo that felt good to all share…

OH and lastly I heard today that my ex-husband is engaged. Can’t say I’m surprised just didn’t expect it. Especially because because the thought of marriage seems so far off to me. My only prayer for him is that he is happy, like not surface happy, but deep down in his soul happy.

Man this is a wild week. 



My ex-husband is getting married

Shit… is all I can really say.

So much is happening. So much to process. Sooooo much goodness. So much change.

Here we go… Denver this is going to be a wild ride.

Cheers <3 <3





  2. Let the wild rumpus begin!
    (from where the Wild Things Are)

    sending you love and song!

  3. You are BOLD sister!!! I am so proud of you for just GOING FOR IT. I love it!!!

    And I love YOU even more!!! Muahhhhh <3 <3 <3

    <3 B

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