Request for Connections…

I land in Denver tomorrow….

eeeekkkkkkkk and I have a beautiful request for all of you amazing humans out there!!

Do you know anyone in Denver who is awesome, amazing, inspiring, fun, and loving that you think I should connect with?

I know you know amazing people and I want to begin building my tribe as soon as I arrive!!

If you know anyone PLLLLEASE CONNECT ME! My request is that you would send an email to both of us and connect us! I can take it from there!! ORRRRR send me an email with their info and I will contact them!!

Here is my email of choice:

Thank you thank you thank you in advance!!

yayayayayay!!! Mountain air here I come!

With love,



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  1. Hey there, I’ve been connected to you through my friend Allie. I live in Denver, I think I’m pretty cool, and we should totally meet up! Also do you have housing yet? Let me know when you get into town, if you need a place to crash I have a couch or some kind of space!

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