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Yesterday my friend Jackie and I sat outside at one of her favorite coffee shops in the heart of the Art District on Santa Fe drinking earl gray tea. As we sat talking about life something magical happened. People began to come and sit with us. Within an hour we had 6 people surrounding us as we shared about our lives and talked about healing the planet. All of us strangers made quick friends. All swapping phone numbers and business cards. All conspiring about how to collaborate and bring our gifts and talents together to alter the planet.

It was beautiful. In that moment I knew I was in the right place. Denver has been calling me for years, yet it had never been quite right to move there, until now.

I moved to Denver two days ago. Two days ago guys…ahhhhhhh… saying it out loud makes it so much more real.

Like this time I really moved. Got rid of everything I own except what would fit into my car. Said real goodbyes and see you laters to my family and my closest friends and those who’ve I’ve only knowing for short times. In the last 3 years I have done lots of solo travel and adventure trips but this is the first time that I am embarking upon a move and putting down roots somewhere other than Arkansas.

My commitment to Denver is 2 years. I am giving myself 2 years to try something new. Dive deep into myself. Explore a new place. And put my mark on the world.

Being bold and creating my life is not something that just comes naturally to me. A big part of me wants to play it safe and stay comfortable BUT then there is another part of me that calls in a louder way. It is the part of me that knows I am here to do something big. To guide humans through their suffering. To bring truth about love to the people.  To be a light here. Answering that calling and being bold is something I have to practice daily. It is a listening. When I listen and am grounded and hear the call my only responsibility is to answer.

What we do daily is what we practice in our lives. What are you practicing? Does what you are practicing move you closer to what you want to accomplish in this lifetime?

During my transition and sharing with others I was moving so many people have asked me why Denver? Do you have someone out there? Do you have work out there?

Now that the eagle has landed it is true that I have some stuff out here. I have an office space to do my Empowerment Life Coaching. I have a job in coffee. I have a place to live, which just so happens to be with a dear friend of mine, but mostly what I have is a new platform to heal, explore who the hell is Kimberly, and love on a new set of people and places.

My mission in life is to love fiercely all who I encounter. To be a presence in my life and the life of others. To inspire others by simply being.

I know that to do those things I must follow my own heart. I must go after my own passions and dreams. I must be bold in how I live.

I don’t just do the things I do or act the way I act just because… it didn’t’ just happen to me. I do the things I do because I believe I am being called to do the things I do. I act the way I act because I believe it is my path and calling in this world. I am a medicine woman. I am a thought leader. I am here to catalyze change. I am a lover sent here to love.

Denver is my next city to take over.

My prayer is that I can be present with each person I meet and will have the courage to listen and know what to say and when to say it. My prayer is that I build a community here that is surrounded by common values and goals: connection, awakening, and being a force in the world in whatever way is most aligned with you. My prayer is to never harm another starting first with myself. My prayer is to have the courage to love, be vulnerable, and trust the journey.

Denver the time has come. This is it. Holy shit, this is it!!!

Rock and roll.

Sooo much love and excitement,




  1. I love you!!!!

  2. Love your mission and your prayer. Love the message of practice. So glad for Denver!

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