In loving memory of Bowie and in deep dedication to love… this quote has it all.

There have been times when I felt jaded by love. I felt like I was going to be a jaded, resentful woman forever. Never knowing if I would love again. Never knowing if I wanted to truly allow myself to be vulnerable enough to love again. Then I remembered the truth, I am love. Every single thing I do is in the name of love. I walk as love.

Because love is everything… it is not just about celebrating it one day of the year. It is about cultivating it so deep in your bones that your every move, word, and action comes from a place of love.

How today can you consciously choose love and connection with every situation and person you meet? How today can you so brilliantly love yourself? How today can you walk in love, making every step you walk a word or letter as you write your love letter to the world, the planet, and those you encounter?

This takes courage. This takes being bold to walk this way. It comes with the risk of not being loved in return. It comes with the risk of being hurt. AND WHEN it is who you TRULY are the risk begins to go away because you aren’t doing it to be loved back. You are doing it because it is who you are. It seeps out of you. There is no separation between another you and the you the loves. It is all the same.

This is to being bold. This is to walking in a way on this planet that is literally Being The Change You Wish To See. This is to LOVE.

Happy V-Day for those who are celebrating! Happy Galentines day to all my ladies that I love. Happy Malentines day (I just made that up.. hahaha) for the men that I love and cherish! Happy weekend for those who like many don’t really care!

In deep love to all,




  1. We vibrate at a similar resonance. You speak words that my heart knows.
    We walk the path of love embodied. Pure and yet as it move through us, expresses beautifully imperfect, Still we love. and dare to love, and love again.

    • I know that we do!! <3 I love that I so fully feel seen by you and that I also trust you know exactly my experience as I walk in this life. And yes I dare to love and love and love again. I am dedicated to it. With significant others but also just humans in general!

  2. very nice…love(ly)…to not be jaded and remain open is courageous and actually healthy, indeed. thanks for the pick me up, literally and metaphorically.
    -tb.merritt | 16

  3. Love is reflected in Love. Smile at someone and they can’t help but smile back. A kind word, a “thank you”, a helping hand. What do you expect in return? Nothing. It’s the confidence you have that allows you to share Love without any strings.

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