Letter to late 20 somethings…

These words come from my soul to yours. Some of these words have come to me. Others of them have been spoken to me by people I highly respect and love. I hope you find the same comfort in them that I do. Being in your late 20’s is not always easy. The daunting 30 is hurtling at us. (I personally am so excited to age AND I know that is not how everyone feels.) There are lots of outside pressures. Lots of people having opinions about where you should be and what you should be doing. Including you. Yet as I settle into these years and excitedly and anxiously await turning 30 I feel the need to write a love letter to all of you and myself. I hope something resonates.

Hi lovely,

I don’t, at this exact moment, know where you are or how you are feeling AND I want you to know something.

There is not a damn thing wrong with you. 

If you feel lost, feel like you don’t really know what the hell you are doing. Don’t know what you ‘want to do for the rest of your life’. Haven’t found ‘the one’ to spend the rest of your years with.

Exactly where you are is perfect.


Can you breathe into that… exactly where you are is perfect.

Our twenties are not about having quote un quote our shit together. What does that even mean?  Life is a journey not a final destination. If people tell you they have all their shit together, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. Our twenties are for changing our minds. Exploring our likes and dislikes. Traveling. Dating.  Asking questions. Being extremely curious. Working different jobs. Trying out different career options.  Making and releasing friends.

Whoever has told you or makes you feel not good enough or lacking or behind because you are where you are, well honestly FORGET THEM and say thank you. They love you and want the best for you. BUT THEY ARE NOT YOU. They have no idea what is good for you. They have no idea what you need. What you like. What makes YOUR heart flutter. They aren’t the one who has to live with you and walk with you daily, only you do that with yourself.

Follow and do the things that give you energy.  That feed your soul. That make you feel more alive. More inspired. More in touch with who you are. More in touch with what you most desire for your life. Release the things that don’t.

Be honest with yourself and others.

Do your best.

Get lost.

Fall in love.

Follow through.

Do what you say you are going to do.

Say no! Say Yes!

Spend time alone. Lots of time alone.

Fall in love with yourself. 

Discover who you are. Ask yourself questions:

Who am I? Am I being authentic?

Who do I want to be?

What do I like? Not like?

What am I searching for?

How do I want to treat others?

Who and what gives me energy?

Who and what drains me?

Who inspires me? Who could mentor me?

What do I fear? Why?

What are my truths?

What do I want to  learn?

Where do I want to go?

What do I want to see?


There are no owner manuals for going through our twenties. In fact there will never be an owners manual for how to do life. That is the exciting and also sometimes the scary part about life.

If you feel aimless and like you are wandering. Good. This means you are seeking.

Keep seeking.

Rumi says it best.


Keep seeking and you WILL find your way.


There is not a DAMN thing wrong with you.

Keep doing you. Keep searching. Keep exploring. Keep looking.

You will find it.

You will find what you are seeking.

It might not be in your ideal timeline. Life does not work on some timeline. Where you are is perfect. KEEP GOING.

The only thing that will stop you in this lifetime is you. Go for it. Whatever you can dream of.


Push the limits.



I love you,




  1. Great thoughts, Kimberly. Thanks for writing!

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