I am standing at my sink. Mindlessly doing the same action I do multiple times a day.

Brushing my teeth.

As I stand there pushing back and forth, this thought came in…

You get to brush your teeth with cinnamon flavored toothpaste for the rest of your life.

Literally even saying it again I get giddy. Like I want to scream this at the tops of my lungs….


This might seem trivial but this is such a big deal to me.

This to me is a deeper level of awakening to who I am, what I like, and having a voice for myself. A deeper level of seeing where I compromise myself and my happiness in life.

So let me explain… EVERY SINGLE partner I have ever had has either hated cinnamon flavored toothpaste or don’t use toothpaste all together and make their own. And I have always just been okay compromising. I’ve always known what I prefer. Yet I have always just gone along with whatever they do or what they want.

I am not disregarding compromising in relationships. To me I am aware this makes up  part of partnership and the combining of two lives. Yet, the truth about me is that brushing my teeth is one of those life tasks that I kind of struggle with. It feels hard for me. I don’t really enjoy it. It always feels like a last thought.

In this moment I realized how much I had been enjoying brushing my teeth lately. I asked myself why has it felt so different? (We learn from contrast.) It is the CINNAMON TOOTHPASTE. For some reason this tiny change has made brushing my teeth a little easier and more enjoyable. This is something I do every single day. It should feel enjoyable. It should not feel like a struggle. Enjoying our daily life tasks should not be as a luxury but a given. It makes up so much of our lives.

Realizing this is nothing more than new information being given to me about how to make my life more enjoyable. Sometimes I believe our only job is to listen and take action on what comes in. Trusting what comes in and honoring it.

This is something I will never compromise again. It is so simply. It is one more way I can be myself in the world.

It is a small victory for me.

Where in your life are you compromising things that bring you joy or make life feel more enjoyable?

If so why? To avoid confrontation. To do what is ‘easier’. To not create waves.

This isn’t about judgment, it is about understanding our patterns and getting to know ourselves.

Also this does not just pertain to intimate relationships. Are you compromising in your career? In friend relationships? In your family relationships?

Where do you know information about your life and yourself that you are not honoring?

I want to hear from you! Please share what is coming up for you as you read this. Anything you are committed to not compromising anymore? Please if you are so called share below in the comments and as always feel free to share these words if you are so inspired to do so!

To these pearly whites,