2016 Baby…

Well first and foremost Happy New Years! An acquaintance of my mine shared these wise words that I am now going to share with you:

“2016… a graceful turn inward to radical self-love and self-care – a chance to love my own spirit so fiercely that I can blossom into a more loving being for those who need me. I set fire to that which no longer serves me, sending it to the ethers, thanking it for the numerous lessons…setting forth on a new journey to further decolonize, wisen up, more sharply attune myself to Gaia* – to accept myself as a teacher when the space calls for it, and a student when I am to grow from the wisdom of others.”

Meg Houston is an herbalist, magic maker, and storyteller. She is an amazing powerhouse in the world. She resides in Austin, TX.

Second my thoughts about this year and what are to come are this…

A Poem By Axiom.Attic

this is not
your heart
my darling,
this is your
heart hatching,
shedding the shell
of who you
once were,
this is
your rebirth.

All I have to say yesssss. 2015 felt like a death to me. The death of a  version of me that I literally can barely recognize now. A version that is dependent on others for value and worth. A version that is searching for love no matter how painful or to what level of suffering that love is. A version of me that feels stifled and is willing to drink copious amounts of whiskey until that feeling goes away. A version that served me then and does not serve me now…

The night of New Years I made a big promise to myself. The promise was that NO MORE would I stand in my own way. No more not being fully expressed in the world. No more reaching for love in all the wrong places. No more doing things that I don’t want to do just to please others. NO MORE.

This is my promise:

To everyday walk on this Earth fully Kimberly. Fully quirky. Fully expressed. To value myself, my gifts, and my health in bolddddd ways.  To walk fully in my creativity. Fully vulnerable and authentic. Fully open hearted. Fully in search of the light and love in each person and situation. Fully honest about my struggle. To be fully honest and integral with my words and actions. Fully in service to all I come across and all of those I love. To be fully alive and present in each moment. To follow through on my dreams and watch myself blossom, change, and evolve. To allow the challenges of the years prior to be lessons to learn from and challenges that I face this year to be molding moments to become the most vibrant version of myself. Boom.

To me if I walk in this way then 2016 will only be successful.

This is what I want to put into the world to be held fully accountable for…

  1. Bringing One Year Alone to the Podcasting world. (More to be revealed… Launching March 1st)
  2. Posting weekly blogs here for all. Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.
  3. Loving myself so fiercely in comes out in every word I speak and write.
  4. To be honest and integral with my word. If I say it, you can trust it will happen!!
  5. To keep it weird and real. My only resolution for 2016 is to be more myself and to love myself fiercely. What this means is no holding back. You guys are in for a treat… the real deal Kimberly (just writing this is hilarious to me and slightly terrifying).


Here goes nothing. If you champagne pop the cork. Cheers to the best year of our lives. Cheers to no more holding back. Cheers to following through and trusting the process. Cheers to you and cheers to me…

Can I hear a Hell yes…




  1. Hell yes! that was what i needed to hear today. thank you for having the courage to go there.

  2. I couldn’t have a better mentor. Hell yes! =D

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