This video sooo feels like the truth. 

Getting your life together is not like society wants you to believe. It isn’t always rainbows or roses. It isn’t always going to college, finding the man of your dreams, getting married, having babies, making tons of money, magically becoming enlightened, having a huge house with a white picket fence, finding the perfect lost dog that needs a home, and then retiring to travel the world on a sailboat… (And trust me if you fall into this ideal… I say cheers, I have no judgment for those that are blessed in this way and that the above is what your life has or does look like.)

With that said… in my experience “getting your life together” is a process. It is a lot of falling and getting yourself back up. It is a lot of laughing at yourself. It is a lot of breathing. It is a lot of being compassionate and kind to yourself on the bumps along the way. It is a deep trusting and knowing that when one thing doesn’t go your way that it doesn’t mean nothing is going your way. It is about finding the good now and not always chasing something better later. Also it is about having TONS OF FUN!! Playing sometimes more than you are working. Being irresponsible when you know you being in bed might be more beneficial for your day to come. “Getting your life together” is just living. It is embracing each moment. It is falling in love with yourself and your life NOW– TODAY!

I used this metaphor the other day:

I was with a client and dear friend and he said “yeah life isn’t all roses and rainbows” and I said “yeah in reality we actually want some shit next to our roses because in time it will make the soil more healthy and vibrant which will in turn make the roses grow more abundantly.”

Our shit, our darkness, our falls build us up. Develop our character. Grow us and push us to become who we are meant to become in this world.

Warriors. Healers. Compassionate men and women of the world. Lovers. Poets. Business owners. Nerds. Whatever it is… the world and your experiences are shaping you in ways to help you be your best, most alive version of you.

Here is to this video. Here is to laughing more. Here is to more play and joy during the journey. Here is to fucking getting our lives together and being okay with how messy it looks!!

In deep looove,