First take a moment to take a deep breath.

Not just a normal deep breath. But a breath that you can feel in the tips of your toes.

Now all I want you to do is push play the music video below. If you are in public place you might want to have ear phones and to close your eyes.

My only advice to you is to listen to this song with an open mind. Listen to it as if you this song was written for you and to you. So many times we hear ‘love’ songs and our mind goes to someone we once loved or someone we love. Today I want you to listen to this love song as if you wrote it for yourself.

Now close your eyes and listen to each word. Allow the words to penetrate you. To change you. To alter you in this moment.


Please share below what came up for you. And if you feel anyone else could use these words please share them!!

You are so loved,