Today marks the beginning of a journey that I am embarking upon.

It came to me when I was in a creation call with my business partner.

Sometimes things hit you and there is no other option but to listen the call. To answer the call and let the Universe do its magic.

365 Days of Meditation Starts NOW


This is a movement that is bringing meditation to the masses. It does not have any political or religious slant. It is not affiliated with any specific religion or church. It is a movement based completely in peace and love. It is a movement standing for that Meditation is a way to bring people from all walks of life together with the common purpose of awakening. Awakening to consciousness. 

My hopes and desires of this movement is that people will make their own. That people will do their own #MeditationMovement. That they will use this hashtag to share, tell their stories, connect, collaborate, and expand consciousness.

Starting today I am sitting in meditation for 365 days.

Because I own a business and work in the community this does not mean that I will only be sitting in meditation. I will be living my life and every single day for a year will sit in meditation for some amount of time. My goal is that through the year to keep extending my time to long and long sits. Also during the year I will be sitting in public spaces inviting any and all beings who feel called to be a stand for love and peace in the world to join me.

Today is my first day of asking who ever may be called to come and sit with me. You can sit for any amount of time. I will be sitting in front of Dark Star Visuals in Fayetteville, AR from 8:00am til noon. I will have a spokes person there to speak to anyone who has questions, who is interested in hearing more about what I am up to, and who is just there to hold space and capture the experience and guide any beings that want to join in.

I believe in bold action.

I believe in walking my talk.

I believe in modeling what I value and want in the world.

This is my stand. This is my way of showing up. This is my way of BEING THE CHANGE. 

As I sit daily I welcome any and all beings to  join in. Post your pictures and stories on your social media and use the hashtag #MeditationMovement. To be in this movement there are no specifications. You can meditation once and join in. You can choose to join me in 365 days. This is your movement. Make it your own.

I will be posting my experience here and on my instagram.

We together can, will, and are altering the existence of man as we know it. If you know this is your calling JOIN ME.

Also if you feel called and inspired PLEASE reach out to me. I would love to have a conversation with you. I would love to connect with you.

Email me and we will set up a time to chat and connect


Soooo excited!

Here goes nothing.



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  1. I am in. xo

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