Today is day 3 of my #MeditationMovement.

I sat this morning as the sun was rising with one of my favorite people. As we sat together I had many awakenings.

  1. I easily take on other peoples things and leave my own things behind. My mentor calls this sleep walking. When you are more worried about another person and what they think and what they are doing more than being present to ourselves and what we think and what we are doing. She always asks me when you are thinking about them so much who is over here running your life? Or are you sleep walking?
  2. There is so much about life to be grateful for. Why don’t we obsess about those things?
  3. When you take care of yourself you are actually taking care of others.
  4. The answer to everything is LOVE and PRESENCE.

Let me explain this fourth one a little bit more.

The last few times I have meditated I have been doing this specific meditation where I:

Inhale these things:

I welcome struggle.

I welcome challenge.

I welcome judgment.

I welcome hardship.

I welcome failure.

I welcome endings.

I welcome death.

I welcome darkness.

I welcome mistakes.

I welcome ridicule.

Exhale this:


I realize that the answer to everything hard or challenging that life hands you is LOVE AND PRESENCE.

I do not want to attract bad things to me. But the truth is that life hands you intense situations and circumstances. Life also hands you beautiful and vibrant situations and circumstances sometimes and the answer to both are the same. Love and presence.

If I can be open and welcoming to anything life hands me then I am never sideswiped by something awful happening. Nothing is awful it is just being human and life. And when I am grounded in that no matter what I do my answer is love and presence then I always have the action steps and answers to anything that comes in my life.

I don’t want this to sound idealistic. I am clear that I will fail at this but I welcome failure and I know when I fail I get to love myself again and show up present for myself again. Life is about practice. I want to practice ease and flow and welcoming. I want to practice love and presence in the face of anything in life.

I don’t want to practice drama or obsession of negative thoughts or habits or wallowing in my shit. Even though I know there will be times where I do all of these things and still my question always is how can I return to LOVE and how can I return to PRESENCE.

Presence to me is this…



When we misuse time we are living everywhere but the present moment.

When you aren’t doing any of the above and you are just enjoy the moment or completely in the moment you are present.

This is what I want to cultivate by the


I want to be awake for life. I notice time and time again when I talk to people how much they aren’t listening or aren’t present or paying attention. In the moments I notice the sleeping and distraction of most of the planet I ask myself where am I distracted where I am asleep?

The more I wake up the more others will wake up.

Meditation brings presence to areas of my life that need attention. It gives me moments to pause and be. It gives me moments to sit in gratitude. It gives me moments to feel alive without the assumption that to be alive and feel fully alive means that you must be doing something epic. The truth is being alive is available to all of us, each moment, if we just get quiet, listen, and experience LIFE that is happening NOW.

Want to try meditating but don’t know where to begin? Email me let’s chat!!!

Would love for you to share your heart too, whatever comes up please post in the comments section or if you are so moved share these words!