The time you get locked out of your cabin in a snow storm…

The weather here is quite unpredictable. It is part of what I love about this place and also part of the fear of being so secluded in nature.

The other day I left my house to go get some groceries and came back to be completely locked out of my cabin. Not only was I locked out of my cabin but my plastic bag of groceries broke and the contents where spread in the snow outside my cabin door. The reason my cabin was locked was because I am living in seasonal living so the resort has permission to do random cabin checks to make sure the tenants are not destroying the place. Well because I am in the middle of no where I usually do not lock my cabin. When I left to run errands I left my keys on the table as well and returned to a completely airtight cabin with me on the outside wondering what I was going to do.

Let me also explain the weather conditions. Snowing substantially (why I went to get groceries) and in the negative digits as far as temperature.  Also it was after 6pm which means it was dark out. Not the most ideal circumstances to be locked out of my house.

After dropping an entire bag of groceries, realizing I am locked out of my house, and saying a curse word or two…  It hit me. This is life. All that living is, is simply learning to dance with what life presents at any given moment. All that we have control over in this life is ourselves. What we do. How we act. How we interact with others. How we view the world. How we play with outside forces.  Since this is all we can control, it leaves a lot of things out of our control. When we are aware of this we have choice… choice with how to interact with what others and life present to us.

Like obviously it would have been nice to arrive at my cabin and be able to open the door, I left unlocked, with a hand full of groceries and sit in the warmth of my cabin and munch on some of the yummy food I just bought. Yet that is not what happened.

What happened is life presented an obstacle and challenge to me and I got to choose how I handled it and what it meant for my life.

What happened next was beautiful. I popped on my phone (thank you technology).  Looked up the resort website. Called the number on their homepage. Was presented with a voicemail with an emergency number. Called the number and within 15 minutes a man showed up with a  spare key to my cabin. Not only was my crisis averted but I got the opportunity to meet someone new and make a connection and give someone gratitude for helping me. I got to look someone in the eye with love in my heart and thank him. We had a laugh about the situation and a moment of connecting as two humans in the world. Also out of this I had a moment of realizing I can always handle anything. Every time I get to practice handling situations on my own in the world I feel more confident and strong and capable.  As I get more confident in my abilities to dance with what life presents the more I realize that literally anything is possible for me because I will never be in any situation that I can’t handle. Sure this is a minor challenge but major challenges are the same. You take it moment by moment and you simply do what you need to do.

Once I saw a woman drive into a building. She had fallen asleep at the wheel. Her car literally sped quickly across the median in front of mine and rammed into a building. In this moment I did the same thing. Breathed. Took it moment by moment. Went to the car, asked her if she was okay. Called 911. Waited. Talked to her while ambulance arrived to let her know she was going to be okay.

We have a choice to dance, play, and see the opportunities in life or we have the choice to resist, fight back, and see everything as an obstacle to getting you where you want to be.

I mean I could have cursed at the man arriving at my cabin for locking me out of my own house. I could have be short and frustrated and let it ruin my night. I could have had the thought why me? I could have had the thought why is the world against me?

Yet this way of being doesn’t serve me, others, or the world. How you are and how you show up makes a ripple in the world. If I would have been rude or short with the man that came to help, he might have went home frustrated and might have been short with his children or wife, which then ripples to them… and so on and so on. You see the point. How you show up makes a real difference.

Here is a video I would love to share that is such a beautiful example of people seeing opportunity in life. Making the best out of the challenges, struggles, and obstacles in life.


They have challenges and obstacles that are presented to them daily and they have discovered the power of dancing instead of fighting. If you are having challenges and struggles in your life it means NOTHING more than you are ALIVE! It is part of life. The alternative is being dead.

The next time you experience something that does not feel ideal or something that is challenging or a struggle ask yourself

How can I dance with this? What is the opportunity here? 

Everything could be either an opportunity or an obstacle… it is your choice.

This isn’t something we master the first time we put it into practice. This is a practice. Seeing life as an opportunity is something that might take time. Be patient with yourself and compassionate with yourself when you react and respond to life with resistance. It is okay, we all do at times. It is about being aware and then practicing how you actually want to show up and be in the world.

Also a huge thank you to the amazing man who inspired me to write this post. You know who you are. I am so grateful for you in my life. Truly you are so special to me.

I would love to hear your thoughts and anything that comes up for you around this! Please share them below in the comments box. Also if these words inspire you please share them with others.

Sending you love and light on your journey.




  1. I can see you ” look someone in the eye with love in my heart and thank him. ” You do that often, Kim, and it’s part of your beautry.
    This was a great post to your blog–learning the dance, over and over and seeing it get easier and feeling more confident.
    Love to you!

    • Carole 🙂 You are such a beautiful soul in this world. There have been lots of times on this journey that I have questioned myself and my power and you are a woman I always think of and give gratitude for, for being such a power and light in my life. Love you so much. So grrrrateful to know you.

  2. There is just so much truth here. Life just happens and nothing can change that and no one can control it. But we can control the way we react – the we dance with it as Kimberly says. And that makes all the difference! Kimberly reminds us that we can make a beautiful experience out of anything- if we choose to do so.

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