Today I am sitting in gratitude for all of the pain, struggle, and suffering I have endured. Not only in the last two years but in the entirety of my life.

Yesterday I spent the day in Seattle getting ready for my retreat and spending time with people I love and towards the end of the night I began to feel deep pain in my heart. Pain for living in a world and experience of living that is so unknown and so unpredictable at times. Pain for giving up false securities and safeties. The suffering and struggle that exists when you awaken to the truth that LOVE and NOW is all that exists and everything else in your life is made up because of patterning and survival techniques.

Not only has my struggle lead me to my strength. It has lead me to my truth. To my dream life. To my deep contentment and happiness. This does not mean that the pain goes away. Or that I don’t struggle or suffer.

I do.


AND I am clear that there is no hierarchy in my emotions, feelings, or my experiences. They are all here to serve me, teach me, and cultivate me towards growth, evolution, and the ability to love more  deeply and cleanly.

How can you send gratitude to all of the situations that have come and gone in your life? How can you send gratitude to your pain, struggle, and suffering? How can you send deep gratitude to everything that has brought you here and made you, you?

Sending you love…