What in the world is a manifesto?

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What in the world is a Manifesto? (Said in nothing less than a distinct southern twang)

Today is a really big day in my business. Tessa (my business partner) and I are launching our biggest retreat series ever, Revolutionary Retreats. We were inspired to do so after we had attended many retreats in the past and every single time we left the retreat and fell into




Honestly, just a downward spiral. Why you might ask? Well it is because retreats are all about lifting you up, making you inspired. This is great, this is wonderful I am not at all dissing this part of the process. My only issue is that then when you leave you literally do not even know where to start or how to implement what you just learned. You got high and then like all highs… you crash. And I mean you crash hard. We decided we wanted to revolutionize the way retreats are done… through a year process of trying to figure out what that even looks like…it finally hit us. There need to be retreats that ‘pump you up’ but also set you up for success. What I mean by success is getting the shit done while you are there. No leaving the retreat and then trying to figure out, on your own, how to implement all the knowledge and inspiration you had.  Key word… had. So we have devolved a series of retreats where you get the shit done while being fully empowered and inspired!!!

Our first retreat launches today!! Check it out here: www.revolutionaryretreats.com 

Back to the first question about Manifesto’s… well if you just hopped over to our website hopefully you feel a little bit more learned about what a Manifesto is. Through the last few months Tessa, Rebecca (our collaboration partner on this amazing project) and I have been going through our own Manifesto Creation Process and I wanted to share with you a little something that came out of it…

One of our assignments was to write a letter to one of our yummiest clients…sharing with them what we wanted for them…what we hope they experience, what we dream for them…

Well I didn’t know this was going to happen…but this came out.

I wrote this at a coffee shop in Denver, CO… the whole time while crying my eyes out! Yep, imagine that scene… it was as epic as it sounds!

Here are the goods:

As my heart speaks,

Sometimes at night I curl my body and weep into cotton hoping that you realize your worthiness. That one day you might feel in the depths of your soul that you deserve everything you could dream of. That you might feel in the center of your being that who you are and what makes you worthy has nothing to do with your looks, your body shape, your career, your clothes, your house, your car, your money, your actions, your status, your emotions, your scars, your shames, your biggest regrets… NONE OF IT. Let me say it again, NONE OF IT… Who you are is light, love, and truth. You, sweet soul, were born into your worthiness. It can never leave you or be stripped from you. Never. You are brilliant and beautiful because you were born into this world; it is that simple and that complex. I beg of you please… please stop resisting yourself. Accept yourself in your perfection and in your wholeness. Please… please stop destroying yourself. Love and be kind to yourself each step of the way. Sometimes I loose my footing as my breath shortens and my heart breaks knowing the words you speak to yourself. I hear them because they too are the same words that I whisper to myself, hoping, praying no one hears. Child of this beautiful, crazy world, not a one of those words are true. Not one. The only thing that is true about you is that you are so fucking perfect that nothing can get within miles of your perfection. You were born perfect and you will die perfect. You contentment lies in this truth. Your happiness rests in this realization. Your boldness is in the owning that you are already everything you need to be. Please know that your tears and pain are just as beautiful as your smiles and laughs. For without the night we would not know the day. You are a whole. You are complete. You are perfect. If you want to meditate, meditate on how perfect you are. If you want to change the world step into your wholeness and nothing can but be completely transformed and altered in this truth. Go into the world. Stand tall. Exactly where you are. Free yourself from the prison chains. You hold the key, my love, in your own heart.

From my heart to yours. I give you permission to fly.




  1. Kimberly! I love you! You & the words you speak are life & love & sincerity. Thank you 🙂

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